I loved this reverie and felt so much of what you write about. Wouldn't it be great to all get together and just write alongside one another, the need for conversation not the only way to communicate? :) I'm grateful to have read more about your experience of this place and its descriptions--this made me want to go immediately honestly: "mango, lychee, apple, and bayberry trees"--trees bearing fruit like that always feel like magic to me, everytime I am in California I stare at lemon and avacado trees in neighborhoods with awe. LIke they're just THERE. amazing. Lychee and Mango is even more magic. I lived in Scotland in grad school and I have the same longing for that place, knowing it wouldn't be the same as I experienced it, that that world I lived is gone. It's such a profound feeling of longing, past joy, present memory. 💜 And hooray that we can support you now!

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