A thread for Berkana community

Source: Midjourney

Dear Reader

This is Berkana’s first community thread - a more reflective and imaginative space for all of you. Here, I dream with you about life and its varied nuances. We dabble in euphoria after skimping through the muddy waters of grief. We grow a pair of wings strong enough for a flight through clouds of loss, doubt, and anger to launch ourselves softly into the grasp of friendship and community. This thread exists as a space to express ourselves freely within this community through meaningful conversations as we build each other. I may seem intently passionate and opinionated about a lot of things, but I would hate to be someone who imposes their ideologies on others. I write this newsletter to you rather than for you. These are letters, actual letters. Very much like the ones that ancient civilizations used pigeons and owls to deliver. There, now you are smiling a little. So as we dream together, this kaleidoscopic dream, laced with hope, surrender, joy, and forgiveness, tell me what is it that you want me to write next. I would like to know any recent anecdotes about culture or history that baffled you. Also, I have a lot to be grateful for, starting with you. So, thank you for being here, at Berkana, attentively reading about all my curiosities, and through this interface, listening to all my heartbreaks, newfound obsessions, philosophical unraveling, or angry rants.

Also, I would like to know if a Berkana exclusive community discord would interest you. There we could share curated content under various channels, engage with one another in meaningful conversations, share rituals, routines, nuanced observations about various cultures, and share our creative processes in midst of this messy life. You could also suggest, collaborate or contribute to the next piece of Berkana. Most importantly, you could become a stakeholder or patron of Berkana by being part of the Berkana discord!