What is Berkana?

In the dingy corner of culture, lurk stories that we overlook. We put a blindfold on our eyes and walk right past through those corners. We avoid these stories and the characters who live within them. This is exactly the feeling when we try to ignore a particular Khaleed Hosseini or a Rohinton Mistry novel. We do that because we know they make us feel uncomfortable. Because they remind us of some harsh obscure truths.

Berkana unfolds such real stories in bare-bones fashion with a razor-sharp focus on three facts:

  1. Discomfort will propel us to make a change. (in whatever way we can)

  2. Truth needs to be confronted even if we feel uncomfortable about it.

  3. Post the discomfort and confrontations, the tornado shall rest. It will wash away the conditioning and create a fertile space for authentic growth.

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At Berkana, biweekly, you are promised one such bloodcurdling story from a forgotten corner of culture. And those aren’t fiction.

If I miss by a week to deliver your weekly dose of discomfort, know that I would be scuttling all over researching my next piece. For more announcement and deeper reflection on life and it’s varied nuances.

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Swarnali Mukherjee
A chronicler of all things absurd and borderline magical